fuksia1410 helmes siopaal sormus 2997 raam
chandelier lehekeroosa käevõru toorik1813 liblikas lumehelbeke
rohline pärl 8mm turkiis korall magnesiit tuliahhaat
ap10x8mm roosid108 helesinine tahutud antiihobedane14x11 pikenduskett
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fuksia1410 helmes siopaal sormus 2997 raam


4x3 cm glass dome back in stock!
Today, 26.08 many items arrived back to stock, also arrived new products !
brand new supplies-glue on pendant bails, which you can use on glass, wood and leather (see here!)
in addition arrived many antique nickel color earring blanks (see here)
-located here
a wide range of ring blanks (items listed here), and a variety of cameo base frames (here)
beutiful vintage style cameo settings items( listed here)

11/07/13 supplemented inventories surgical steel, silver-plated and gold-plated hooks, respectively.
take a look!
There were several valiant semi-precious stones:
items up here